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橄欖綠 第三章

今天翹了課 沒通勤 橄欖綠沒空間翻開

不過卻很「偶然地」遇見最落俗套和 before 系列合理推測同對父母

在二十分鐘內出現 1.5次

與此同時 「偶然地」又搬出那本她在腋下夾著一整天遊逛布拉格大街

那張唯一通行證的可憐門票 安娜卡列尼娜


i lost the book

… let me remember it… it wasn’t Anna Karenina?

Anna Karenina yes

what is… this is really nice coincident

no coincident i saw ur picture online advertising this thing…


i can’t believe u r here

i live in paris

i thought i was going to totally lose it in there after i saw u

how u even know i was going to be there?

its my favorite bookstore in paris

u can sit down for hours

i luv it— even if theres fleas

i think a cat slept on my head last night

i saw ur picture on the calendar about a month ago and that u were going to be here

its funny i read an article on ur book and it sounded vaguely familiar

but i didnt put it all together until i saw the picture


精彩的散文 她自殺 再來精彩的散文


不久前他和我說他看完了 before 系列

他只談劇本寫作 我也只能拿談電影用的文化連結


上星期在故宮飲水機前的長凳 before 系列又略略被勾起



我們不能指責小說 說被這些的偶然巧合所迷惑



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