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Solo exhibition
What did you see

Chia- Is Gallery

We live in an era surrounded by and relying on all kinds of screens, billboards and signs. Seeing as a way to communicate, engage, and entertain, all the things we’re involved in daily. 


Speed and media, sequence and interruption. How does the form affect the meaning, and how does the meaning depend on the form? Viewers interpret the artist's work, and the artist sets the viewers’ seeing. Does it make sense?


The exhibition dissociated still frames, texts, and work on-site from the one-line narrative animation. It included papers, films, sculptures, prints, and questionnaires. 


We are curious. What did you see?  

What will you see?
please turn on the sound
How do you see?
please turn on the sound
What did you see?
please turn on the sound
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