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H.O.T Islands Music Festival

by National Taitung Living Art Center 


Position:  Intern Assistant Curator, Graphic Designer, Photographer


H.O.T. Islands Music Festival is based on long-term, annual regular planning. It kicks off in Summer, featuring artists from Hualien, Okinawa, and Taitung. 


Organized by the National Taitung Living Art Center, the music festival has taken place annually in Taiwan or Japan since 2014, with both countries taking turns to host the festival, to allow audiences to better understand the music of both nations.

Outstanding musicians from the two places have a regular dialogue through cooperation, live concerts, music workshops, tribal exchange activities, local life experiences, and crafts exhibitions.


The event not only shares different styles of music but also stimulates creative ideas and shows the vitality and maturity of Taiwan and Okinawa’s original music.


The project can truly arouse people's understanding of the two places' common historical and geographical backgrounds, and further strengthen their communication. 


Since Eastern Taiwan and Okinawa are very similar in climate and natural environment, and the transportation between them is convenient, it is undoubtedly the best way to start the exchange with "borderless" music.


HOT Islands Music Festival- official website 

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