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drawn undrew draw, 2020



Before graduating from art school, she asked herself these questions and answered them throughout the drawing process.

Q 1: Why did you draw?

Q 2: How did you begin to draw?

Q 3: Why did you stop drawing?

Q 4: How did you go back to draw?

Q 5: Will you draw on?

 “drawn undrew draw” was her very first-time drawing experience during her school life, she was trying to be a drawER.

" The film presents the joy of drawing in all its variety, the frustration of losing that joy, and the triumph of rediscovering it. It would be hard for any artist not to enjoy this film. The drawings are fresh and free. One can feel the sheer pleasure the filmmaker had in making them. An apparently random collection of sketchbook drawings forms a personal story that turns into a glorious hymn celebrating the art of drawing. The life of the animator unfolds before our eyes as we follow their joys & pains year by year, month by month, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and second by second. The question of why to draw is a good one, and the answer is simple: drawing is freedom, drawing is love, drawing is happiness, drawing is peace, drawing is life." 

by Robi Engler and Kevin Geiger 

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